Organic Orange TKO (OMRI-approved d-limonene formulation) is Effective Citrus Plant Wash

Once in a while you run into a natural product, in this case d-limonene that is amazingly useful.   I use it as part of an IPM program as a ‘plant wash’ to deter pests in Organic Citrus nursery production.  Since using it this way, I’ve discovered its more traditional uses around the homestead as a cleaner and emulsifier.  This OMRI approved d-limonene is a capstone in a program that has allowed for Four Winds Growers to produce and sell high quality Organic citrus nursery trees, even in the midst of increasing pest pressures, industry-wide.

It’s great to use a ‘least toxic’ pest management product that deters pests while being easy on beneficials and even giving the citrus a foliar nitrogen boost!

I specialize in citrus, and I was inspired to use Organic Orange TKO in our IPM program for Organic Nursery Citrus back in 2007.  In 2008 Four Winds Growers began selling our Certified Organic Meyer lemon trees.  In the height of major scares around citrus pests and the future of citrus nurseries, we have persisted with our Organic production, adding Kieffer (Thai) Lime, Moro Blood orange, and (in 2014) Washington Navel orange.

I’ve decided to share my Organic Orange TKO secret here.  Those who employ it as I have will be pleased with it’s performance to protect citrus.  I have found that Orange TKO will work to keep out some of the most serious pests, notably the Homopterans.  These include aphids, whitefly, myriad scale insects and the dreaded Asian Citrus Psyllid.  If used regularly (every week under high pressure, or every other week with medium pressure) at a moderate 2 oz/gal rate, fly ins of scale, aphid, even mites can be averted.  Furthermore, with regular use through the heavy pressure of Citrus Leafminer flights (usually 3 per year in our region) weekly sprays with TKO greatly reduces the amount of CLM worms establishing.  This combined with consistent leaf removal and destruction, where CLM is found is showing to be a helpful tool for management of combinations of pests.

Basically in Citrus growing, nurseries find themselves facing a myriad of pests which all have different life cycle rhythms, different propensities to show up. Insect ecology in the nursery is foiled to some extent by the monocultural aspects and confining the roots in pots.  Keeping your trees as healthy and clean as possible is key in combatting pest pressures.

Organic agriculture, is a living agriculture, so a cornerstone of our strategy is to make the best of a living soil condition, doing what we can to enhance root health and nutrition.   Order Organic Orange TKO HERE:

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