Scoby from Muskogee finds new home in California

Well the Texas clan offered me a new SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) for fermenting fun and I just couldn’t say no.  From previous efforts I know it can be interesting, also a little weird and risky if you’re not scrupulously clean with all preparations and maintenance.

Anyway, I recommend getting a scoby and cultivating your own kombucha drink for the fun of it.  It’s perfect for people who like squishy stuff and enjoy vinegary flavors.

My goal is to produce a drink like the best kombucha I ever had; delightfully fizzy with sweet tart flavors.  It’s really good mixed with guava juice.  And while it’s easy to get kombucha drinks at stores, you can enjoy the process of growing your own and save money.  Plus there are many reported health benefits. So, next time you’re offered a scoby, say ‘yes’ and follow the simple directions below.

1. Brew a strong black tea

2. Sweeten with 4-5 cups of sugar

3. Transfer to sterile one gallon glass jar

4. Allow to cool completely

5. Transfer your scoby with 1/2 cup of it’s liquid to the solution.

6. Cover with a loose fitting lid or elastic-secured towel and keep in a dark cool place.

7. Wait about a month and taste.

8. When needed make a new batch of sweetened tea and refresh as needed.

These sites are worth a look for further information:

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