Superstar plants for the Celebrity Set

Kerry Beane with Nancee and Cristofer Borgnine.Ernest Borgnine had a great Aloha shirt collection, it is said.  Here I am with Cristofer Borgnine, who’s wearing the shirt his dad wore in “From Here to Eternity”. Nancee and Cristofer Borgnine both exude a warmth and positivity that makes you wonder if there really is hereditary ‘star power’ in some families.

I’m no expert on Movie people, but many plant people will agree with me:  Citrus are superstars in the cultivated plant world.  Being a conduit for sharing between superstar trees and human celebrities was really fun and felt just right! Citrus are superstars because they have culinary, medicinal, ornamental & cultural significance far beyond most other plants!

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