Green Social ~ Cultivating the Digital Media Arts

Many Green Sector Nursery and Landscape Business owners now reluctantly find themselves wearing yet another ‘hat’ ~ that of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). I understand from experience: Professionals in the green industries are already overworked, and now faced with the seemingly gargantuan responsibility of developing strategy and management tools to nurture markets and stay relevant.Continue Reading

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Sharing a passion for citrus

Today I gave a talk to the Diablo Women’s Garden Club about growing Citrus trees in California.  The slideshow covered a broad sweep of the topic; everything from propagation to pest control. Thanks, ladies for your gracious welcome and attentive interest! What could be more fun than a day spent chatting about gardening?IMG_0605


Soil Health is Key to a Sustainable Future

Soil is a living media which supports plant life best when it contains biological diversity, good fertility and good drainage properties. Soil is a complex of living and non living components, forming communities of diverse organisms that are interdependent and generally supportive of plant life.  Our folly is expecting to have healthy soils through abusiveContinue Reading

The Hawn Foundation

This seems like a very sensible and positive approach to teaching and learning (K-8) that should be more present in ‘regular’ schools for all children! From the Website: MindUP™ Program As The Hawn Foundation’s signature educational initiative, MindUP™ is anchored in current research in cognitive neuroscience, evidence-based classroom pedagogy, best-practices mindful education, precepts of socialContinue Reading

Relationship Based Marketing

This is an updated transcript from a talk I gave at a “Pro Biz” Luncheon in Davis CA On October 18, 2006. I divulge some of the basic foundations of my approach, with a focus on Marketing.  As a graduate with an MS from the UC Davis Community Development department, I would describe my approachContinue Reading